South Carolina Concealed Weapon Permit Course

Successfully completing this course meets the training requirements when applying for a Concealed Weapons Permit in the State of South Carolina. The class includes two sections: Laws & Firearms proficiency.

  • Statutory and case law regarding deadly force
  • South Carolina laws governing firearms and concealed weapons permits
  • Proper firearms storage practices that deny access to children
  • Prohibited carry locations
  • Liability and responsibility issues relating to firearms
  • Proper interaction with Law Enforcement Officers
  • Firearms safety rules *
  • Handgun safety, manipulation, and operation *
  • Concealment techniques and drawing from concealment *
  • Range qualification *
  • Written exam

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are covered during the firearms proficiency portion of the class and not required for persons exempt according to Section 23-31-210(4) of the SC Code of Laws.

The South Carolina CWP application fee is a separate fee payable directly to SLED.

Course attendees must be at least 21 years of age, and not be prohibited by law from possessing a weapon.

The firing qualification portion of this course is held outdoors. Please dress weather appropriate on class day and bring appropriate outerwear during colder weather.

Your own weapon is suggested, but not required. If you do not have a weapon, please make arrangements with us IN ADVANCE to ensure a weapon is available to you for your use during firing qualification.

Persons exempt from the firearms proficiency portion:

  • Persons who have a current CWP and would like a refresher South Carolina laws of self-defense
  • Out-of-state retired law enforcement officers or South Carolina retired law enforcement officers whose certification has expired (must submit proof of graduation from a federal or state academy that included firearms training as a graduation requirement when submitting your CWP application)
  • Current/former military personnel who completed basic military training (must provide DD214 when submitting your CWP application)

I am currently assisting other instructors in the area with their CWP classes, but if you have a group of at least 4 people and would like me to come to your location and teach the group, please contact me. I will also do the “legals only” at your location for 2 or more people.