Men and Critcism of Women’s Conceal Carry Choices

[WARNING: Serious rant ahead!]

Men, many (not all) of you are quick to judge a woman’s choice to carry her concealed firearm in a purse instead of carrying “on body”. Guys, when you become female and have to choose between spending several hundred dollars on a half dozen different holsters to TRY to fit conceal carry into your wardrobe or a nice conceal carry purse to carry your firearm in when your wardrobe doesn’t allow for concealment, then we can talk. Until then, please, just don’t.

A man criticizing a woman’s conceal carry choice is like a man criticizing a woman’s childbirth choice. Just don’t. Until you’ve walked in her shoes, just don’t. The majority of us don’t take carrying off-body lightly. We are WELL AWARE it’s not the best option, but sometimes it’s the only option other than to not carry at all. So, just don’t.

I’m well aware of the holsters available for women. Not all body types can wear holsters like the Flash Bang or the Marilyn. And please explain to me how exactly you would access a Flashbang in a dress. There quite simply are outfits a woman wears where almost no holsters would be appropriate for her EDC. For instance, pencil skirts don’t exactly hide thigh holsters well. Small busts don’t hide bra holsters well. Skinny women have problems concealing almost anything on-body if they aren’t wearing baggy clothes. There are many holsters that can work quite well when standing up, but when you have to sit, bend, pick up children, carry a kid and groceries, etc. things start to poke. So, again, men, please, just don’t.

We KNOW off-body isn’t ideal, but sometimes it’s the best option we have if we want to carry. We know there are things we can do to make off body a little safer, like choosing a purse that was designed for concealed carry or at least has a separate compartment where we can put our gun and carrying “cross body” instead of over the shoulder or draped on the arm.

So guys, just don’t.


  1. Great job – Preach It, Sister!!!! I’m not a purse-carry fan but I sell purses to women who want to purse carry. To each their own. Every body shape, wardrobe choice, and lifestyle is different.

    • Thank you for your comment, Beth. I prefer on-body, but I do find myself carrying in a purse for comfort if I’m not wearing jeans & a loose shirt.

  2. Jeff Hunter says:

    I agree…Just,Don’t. Some men will never get the fact that they don’t know everything. I am glad to know you and many other women who refuse to be a victim. Kudos on carrying however you deem necessary. The MOST important key is to CARRY, period.

  3. Dave Clark says:

    Well said Sherra. Unfortunately, the inability to learn or admit they don’t have the answer or even the right to question this very female dilemma, is very strong in some individuals. Carry On.

    • Thank you, Dave. This world would be a better place if everyone realized there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to personal issues.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. I personally only carry a small BUG in my purse but that allows me to be armed in places my much larger EDC would stand out. Sometimes it’s good to be unseen. I shared on our business FB page.

  5. Thank you Sherra. I’m tired of being told that I should carry conceal on my person. That a waist band holster will work, guess what it won’t! “Regular” conceal carry (a.k.a how men carry) doesn’t work with my wardrobe or body size. A purse is sometimes my only option.

  6. Dick Grune says:

    Good article. Not all men can carry easily

  7. Dick Grune says:

    Great article . People need to practice with whatever and however they carry!!! Men have a few of the same carry options but it is easier to comprise what we wear. Be aware and modify your caring of your purse with or without a gun. In the store use a carabiner and loop one strap over the handle and use the carabiner to quickly attach it back to the other strap. You can then turn away or take a step away to look away the stuff on the rack so away snack and grab guy is gone with it. My wife away tend SIl. We’re talking about purse safety in general, but my wife does carry and has a purse made for this that she is more confident to use. Take the basket out to the car even if you do not buy anything. … I am sure there are other ways to do this too.
    Be safe…

    • My daily carry “purse” is actually a cross body bag. It wasn’t “designed” as a conceal carry purse, but it has two completely separate zipper compartments. One is for my “stuff” and one is for my EDC…never the twain shall meet. 🙂

  8. With respect, I am a woman, and I strongly discourage off body carry…the following story is just one tragic reason why…
    Yes, I have had to adjust my wardrobe, but where there is a will there is a way. Fashion isn’t everything, but staying safe may someday be. As Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch says, “Conceal carrying is not supposed to be comfortable, it’s supposed to be comforting.”
    Just a woman’s two cents…;)

    • Thank you for your comment Monica. As I stated, off-body certainly isn’t a first choice, but there are occasions when other than buying new clothes it’s the only choice in states where open carry isn’t allowed.

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