July Ladies’ Shooting Group and Non-Dominant Hand Shooting

gun classesWe had a low turnout for our Kershaw County Chapter meeting of The Well Armed Woman today, so I was afforded the rare opportunity to actually shoot during our range time. I was fairly happy with my shooting for the first several magazines, so, I thought I’d switch it up a bit. So, I shot with my non-dominant hand (weak hand, off-hand, whatever you want to call it).

Before you say anything, yes, I know this is something I SHOULD practice often, however, I do not. It became painfully obvious very quickly how little I practice with my off-hand.

It must have taken me a good 30 seconds to get a comfortable grip…an eternity if it had been a real situation requiring the use of my firearm. However, once I did get a good grip, my shooting wasn’t too bad. I missed my first shot, but I got all the rest on the target in a fairly decent shot grouping. (The target was a 9-inch paper plate.)

Today’s personal experience gave me the inspiration to have the ladies practice off-hand shooting at the next meeting.

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