Men and Critcism of Women’s Conceal Carry Choices

[WARNING: Serious rant ahead!] Men, many (not all) of you are quick to judge a woman’s choice to carry her concealed firearm in a purse instead of carrying “on body”. Guys, when you become female and have to choose between spending several hundred dollars on a half dozen different holsters to TRY to fit conceal […]

First Time Gun Purchase? Pick Out Your Own Gun

A friend-of-a-friend had a scary experience over the weekend & decided that she would feel safer if she bought & learned how to use a gun. Our mutual friend put us in contact with one another & I offered to accompany her to the gun store to help her pick out a gun that was […]

July Ladies’ Shooting Group and Non-Dominant Hand Shooting

We had a low turnout for our Kershaw County Chapter meeting of The Well Armed Woman today, so I was afforded the rare opportunity to actually shoot during our range time. I was fairly happy with my shooting for the first several magazines, so, I thought I’d switch it up a bit. So, I shot with my […]